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发布时间:2016-11-28 09:28   作者:admin

We take this opportunity to introduce to you to Toga Tea Limited kenya.
We are a major player in our domestic market and are steadily expanding internationally.
We are exporters of Black CTC tea at competitive prices to suit customers requirements.
Kenyan Black tea is the best in quality, taste and color in the world. This is primarily because it is grown in the central highlands where there is adequate rainfall throughout the year. The tea grows naturally without any application of pesticides and it is handpicked and processed at site so as to preserve its freshness.
We are registered by the Tea Board of Kenya and therefore we are able to assure you that we will always give you the best quality of tea at the lowest possible price. Each different grade of tea fetches a different price at different auction days at the Mombasa Tea Auction.
We have a fully-fledged logistics department that takes care of the warehousing, transportation, shipping and clearing to ensure that you
receive your tea at the shortest time possible and with minimal costs.
The tea prices change every week and each grade has a different price. The
prices range from $2-$5 per kg for bulk tea.
We look forward to establishing a trade link with you.
    Add: College House, University Way 4th Floor, Suite 1    P.O Box 70460-00400 Nairobi
    Tel: +254 724 221212 / +254 722 461346        E-mail: info@toga.co.ke


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