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Çaykur with its long-standing background for half a century has on average 110.000 tons of processed tea sales and 700 millions USD of turnover. Çaykur whose total processing capacity is 6.600 tons/day is the biggest and leader institution of Turkish tea sector with 46 tea factories, 3 tea packing plants, 9 marketing regional offices, 1 base repair factory, 1 research institute, 210 distributors and 16.000 personnel. Product range includes black, green and organic tea as well as the newly introduced ice tea. All activities of our institution have been taken under the scope of TS EN ISO 9001:2000 "Quality Management System" to provide full customer satisfaction.
Contact Us
Phone: 0464 213 02 11 (20 Hat)      Fax: 0464 213 02 47 - 0464 213 02 51
E-mail: caykur@caykur.gov.tr        Address: Müftü Mah. Menderes Bulvar? 53080 - R?ZE 


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